Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Once in a Lifetime Event

There are events, there are big events and there are Once in a lifetime events. Yes I am pointing to the "Inauguration 2009" event concluded yesterday in Washington, USA. I am so fortunate (like many others) to live in this era to see a big change in the American politics and experience the change that happened forever in the society.
From now onwards people's view about who can become American President will be completely different.

Whether one can agree or not, truth will prevail all the time. The 44th American President Mr. Barack Obama inspired many people, not only in USA but across the globe. Becoming the most powerful person on the earth is not an easy task. And the road that he came all along to this moment was not a highway, but with lots of hurdles, curves and mountains.

Yes every thing that happens is history. No doubt about it! But there are chapters and books for each major shift in the history. But historians now has to start writing a new book on the future history of USA. I have no doubt that in USA the meaning to the true freedom in this free world will have a renewed meaning and more hopes for better life for all the people living in USA and would like to be here in the future.

In this time of economic turmoil and global recession fears, everybody is looking at USA and it's 44th President to do something that will change the course of history and get back all the derailed plans and progress on to the right track.

Unity and collaboration are the success factors for any community, society or country. I hope Mr.Barack Obama will instill the sense of faith in government from it's people and get the co-operation from all the segments of American society and collaborate successfully with world leaders to achieve greater success not only for America but for the whole world and the people living on it.

I see a great leader in Obama and his attitude is as strong as needed for any leader for a great society. I hope, his attitude and strong willingness to change the course of history for betterment of USA, do not change.

I wish all the best for the new government and it's Leader.


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